Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Department of BPT

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B.P.T)

Duration: 4½ Years (4 years course + 6 months Internship)

An under graduate course in physiotherapy is to impart an in-depth knowledge and skill to a student to become competent in the techniques and develop the proper attitude required for the practice of Physiotherapy.

To prepare compassionate, competent, and ethical entry-level physiotherapists, with the skills and techniques necessary for the physical diagnosis, prevention and management of various conditions based on current evidence of physiotherapy practice.

Develops skills and physiotherapy techniques such as therapeutic massage and manual therapy, exercise, electrotherapy, specialized techniques in the field of various specialties relevant to physiotherapy practice.

To plan and implement appropriate physiotherapeutic intervention for all clinical conditions related to physiotherapy in acute and chronic phases, critical care, indoor and outdoor institutional care and independent practice.

Ability to crucially appraise published literature, interpret data and to broaden his/her knowledge by keeping abreast with modern developments in the respective physiotherapy and there by enhancing research ability.

Development of proper attitude or compassion and concern for the individual and welfare of the physically handicapped in the institution and community levels.

To develop skills as a self-directed learner, recognize continuous education, select and use appropriate learning resources.

Ability to inculcate appropriate professional relationship in multidisciplinary set up, patient management and co-partnership basis.

The Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy is a four year full time academic programme with non-semester pattern of examination.

After passing the fourth year of education the student undergoes physiotherapy internship for a period of six months in various departments and scores a minimum of 50% marks in the compulsory scoring system after which he/she is eligible to apply for the convocation.

Candidates belonging to all categories for admission to the B.P.T Degree course should have passed the higher secondary examination-12th with the following subjects: Physics, chemistry and Biology/Botany and Zoology.

Candidates who have studied abroad and have passed the equivalent Qualification as determined by the Association of Indian Universities Will form the guideline to determine the eligibility and must have passed in the subjects: physics, chemistry, biology (Botany/Zoology) and English up to 12th standard level.

Candidates who have passed the senior secondary school examination of National open school with a minimum of 5 subjects with any of the following group subjects.

1) English, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology.
2) English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and any other language.